Inside the hotel you should maintain social distancing: keeping a distance of 1 metre (3 feet) between yourself and anyone, even if is not coughing or sneezing; that’s the most effective way to avoid the infection.

At the check-in time the staff will watch out you respecting the distances.

In case of groups during the check-in the staff could be able to fix a quote of people that will wait outside the hall area.

Thanks to its large spaces in the garden it will be easier to keep the distances.


We intensified the cleanliness and hygiene in all rooms and common areas.

In addition to the regular cleaning practice we put on a new disinfection procedure with alcohol-based cleaners.

In every common area you will find a dispenser of hand sanitizer, but remember you should wash often your hands with soap.

The use of common toilets will be restrict at the breakfast time. We recommand you to use your room bathroom.


We are going to wear safety equipments to protect ourself and to protect you.

Safety equipment must be worn everytime you will be outside your room. You are allowed to not wearing glowes, but remember to sanitize and to wash often your hands.

Even if we couldn’t shake hands, but there will be a smile underneath that mask 🙂

In order to avoid crodws at the check-in time, you could send us your ID card or Passport by e-mail.


Breakfast is one of the most awaited moments on a vacation and we worked to let it be also a safety and enjoyable time.

You could have breakfast in our patio, on the terraces or in the breakfast room: tables will be already set to keep the distance of a least one meter.

Remember to use the sanitizer dispenser before to start your brekfast.

You could choose what to take for breakfast in our menù.